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Signature Photography

The Signature photography is the product of a meticulous and obsessive pursuit for perfection over the course of 10 years in the industry. I’m quite particular about many details in the images, for instance window views are important but I still want them to be bright and show their natural light. The lines are always straight and clean. The colors are pure, and the contrasts are appropriate to our own eyes.

What to Expect

  • Next day delivery
  • Unlimited Photos, but some rooms (garage, pantry, etc) only by request
  • Appointments will take around 30-45 minutes
  • Photoshopping of imperfections and blue skies if cloudy
  • Schedule on this site when ready for as soon as the next day
  • See staging list here
  • If you have an investor home, ask about my Budget Photo option

Drone Photography

Two options available:

  • Highlights: 10-15 images with only the best angles, no property boundaries or landmark pins included
  • Full Suite: 15-25 images, 3 with property boundaries and landmark pins

Nick is a commercially licensed drone pilot

Simple Boundaries


Complex Boundaries


Videos are huge on social media, especially with Instagram pushing reels through it’s algorithm. More importantly than reaching buyers, the main goal is to impress the sellers and attract prospective sellers through seeing the value provided to them. The shorter the better, so my goal is to fit as much into 1-2 minutes as possible.
  1. Standard Video
    1. Walkthrough of the home, showing each room in a consecutive manor
  2. Video with Aerial Addon
    1. Adds a 15-20 second section featuring drone footage
  3. Luxury Video
    1. Includes close ups of important features of the home. Also, includes Aerial!
  • 1-2 minute video
  • Starting at the front door, flowing consecutively, ending with the backyard
  • Receive an MLS friendly link and downloadable file
  • Option for vertical reel format
  • Option to add a few aerial clips!

Luxury Video

Standard Video

Square Footage, 360 Tour, and Interactive Floor Plans

My Square Footage Measurements are performed by hand but it also comes with a 360 tour and an interactive floorplan. The 360 tour is the the same concept as the brand name “Matterport” but hosted on Zillow. The hosting on Zillow is integrated into the photos and also boosts the home’s visibility on their platform.

360 Tour Sample

Floor Plan Sample

Other Services

Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging is done through AI for cost effectiveness

Amenity Photos

Exterior amenities are shot with a drone, no keys or other access required

Sunset Photoshop

*Work in progress*

Travel Fee Map

$30-60 for homes in yellow circle (based on quote)
$70-$160 for homes in grey circle (based on quote)

Budget photography subject to different rates until further notice