Photography, 360 Tour, Measurements, Drone Photos, Drone Video, and Interior Video
  • $100 for <1700 sq.ft
  • $120 for 1700 – 3400 sq.ft
  • $160 for >3400 sq.ft
  • $20 discount for each additional service

Other Services

  • $10 for Same Day Delivery
  • $20 for Weekend Appointments
  • $10 for Neighborhood Amenities
  • $20 Property Website

Travel Fees

  • $10 for homes in the green circle
  • $20 for homes in the red circle
  • $30 or more for homes in yellow circle (based on quote)
  • See map at bottom of this page
  • Hands free access – No need to be at the property. I can access the property via lockbox or a sentrilock one day code
  • Fast delivery – I typically deliver finished photos within 24 hours of the scheduled shoot. Select the Same Day option for night-of-shoot delivery
  • Quick shots – Appointments will usually be between 20 minutes and 30 minutes per service
  • Easy scheduling – Submit an order here and have your appointment scheduled within a few hours
  • Unlimited Photos – Most houses will produce between 30 and 50 photos, extremely small properties may have less. At least one photo of exterior front/back and every livable room, but most likely multiples of each

IMPORTANT NOTE: Moving objects or cleaning during the shoot is NOT acceptable. If the home isn’t ready prior to my arrival and a reschedule is warranted, there will be a $40 penalty. I will not wait for owners to organize or clean.

Rooms by request only: Images by request only, but no extra charge: garages, attics, closets/pantries, mudrooms, and unfinished basements/crawlspaces. Please note in your order if you want any of these images taken.

Travel Fee Map

No extra charge for homes inside the blue circle
$10 for homes in the Green circle
$20 for homes in the Red circle
$30 or more for homes in yellow circle (based on quote)