This system is a work in progress, any feedback is appreciated!

My main goal is to represent my work with the highest quality while also being generous to my clients and making the process simple.

Photography Changes (important)

The old Advanced photography had a price drop, was $180 and now $160. It is is now called Signature. There is no limit to the amount of photos and the quality is the same as before, if not better.

If you have an investor home, feel free to ask about my Budget Photo option.

Before After

Travel Fee Map Change (also important)

In the past several years, I’ve had a tight series of circles around Raleigh that went from $10 to $20 to $30 and so on. I’m moving past this design and onto a more forgiving and simple system. Where a home would have once come with a $30-$50 travel fee, there is now NO travel fee. You can see the changes below. 
This system is sill a work in progress, sorry for any confusion. If you have any feedback I’d love to hear it!



Before After

Other Changes (not as important)

  1. The order form has been simplified. i.e. “Advanced Video” is now just a drone addon
  2. There is a “Residential” page that hosts all available services for listings (vs separate pages that were pretty ugly and janky). And there’s a “Commercial” page for anything not a residential listing.
  3. Interior design, AirBnB, Rentals, etc. should all be ordered under the commercial tab on the order form

Coming soon

  1. More material for an interior design page under Commercial
  2. I’ll be introducing a luxury tier that will include exceptionally high quality products, this will probably be ready by the spring
  3. I’m in the process of overhauling the aesthetics of the site. I think it’s a little too basic at the moment and I want to make it prettier. This won’t affect anything important.