These are descriptions of what to expect and some samples of my work for all services. Please reach out if you have any questions!

Residential Homes and Rentals

Highlights: 5-10 images with only the best angles from the sky, no property boundaries or landmark pins

Full Suite: 15-25 images, some with property boundaries and landmark pins


Full Suite

Licensed and experienced – Nick is a commercially licensed drone pilot

Weather dependent – Clear skies and 40 degrees or higher necessary. Cannot shoot in rain or snow

The 360 tour is the the same concept as the brand name “Matterport” but hosted on Zillow. The hosting on Zillow is integrated into the photos and also boosts the home’s visibility on their platform. Includes angles of every room in the house. Includes exterior features such as front porches, decks, and patios, any other exterior images at request. Closets larger than 5×5 will be included.

Along with the tour an interactive floor plan will be provided.

Click here to see example in a full window

  • A 1-2 minute walkthrough style video
  • Receive an MLS friendly link and downloadable file
  • Basic video is shot from hand only, Advanced video is shot from both drone and hand, and also features a 3D address title

Example of an Advanced video:

Verified measurements are done by hand using a laser measure tool. A floor plan will not be available unless the 360 tour option is also selected.

Commercial Projects, Apartments, and Architectural