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  • $100 for 0 – 2000 sq.ft
  • $120 for 2000 – 4000 sq.ft
  • $140 for 4000 sq.ft or more


The same concept as the brand name “Matterport”, digitally walk through a house as a virtual showing. Includes angles of every room in the house. Includes exterior features such as front porches, decks, and patios. Does not include a view into most closets but will include a full interior view of walk-in closets larger than 5×5.

Tours will be hosted by Zillow, and can be posted on the MLS within the “Virtual Tour” fields. They will also directly viewable within the photos interface on Zillow. Shot with a Ricoh Theta 360 Camera.
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The images used in the 360 tour are separate from the standard images uploaded to MLS and are shot with two different cameras


  • $80 for 0 – 2000 sq.ft
  • $110 for 2000 – 4000 sq.ft
  • $140 for 4000 sq.ft or more


Total Square Footage – Included will be a total home square footage of heated area

Room Measurements – Includes approximate dimensions of each major room. Only includes rooms that can be input into the MLS.

Sketch – a basic digital sketch showing exterior walls and main room measurements and positioning. Does not include interior walls, counter tops, or fixtures.

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Disclosure: I am not a liscensed appraiser. If you need only square footage calculations without room measurements and sketch, please note that in an order and it will be discounted.


  • $100


  • A two minute “walkthrough style” video
  • Uploaded directly to Zillow, viewable upon listing activation
  • MLS friendly, receive a downloadable file and YouTube link
  • Videos recorded with phone and steadi-cam



  • $20


View Sample Here

Presentation – A page on this site will be published with basic listing information and a gallery of photos

Duration of hosting – The tour will be active for 1 year unless the property closes sooner

Unbranded – MLS Compliant, no external links or branding

Drone Photography

Provided by The Drone Co. Raleigh


  • $125 for 5-10 photos
  • $200 – $300 (based on quote) for 1 – 2 minute video and 5 – 10 photos


Licensed and experienced – John Gibbs is a licensed pilot and experienced drone photographer

Weather dependent – Clear skies and 40 degrees or higher preferred. Cannot shoot in rain or snow

Easy scheduling – Same week scheduling is available and John schedules around the seller or the weather

Hands free access – Neither the seller nor agent need to be present, exterior permission only

Disclosure: I do not accept referral fees or gifts from partners.