Downtown Cary Park

Downtown Cary Park, North Carolina

Nick Mclamb is an Architectural and Industrial photographer, the photography here showcases the modern aesthetic of the Downtown Cary Park’s structures and buildings as well as the nature and community elements surrounding them

Downtown Cary Park offers a prime setting for photography with modern architecture and its contemporary nature. The park features serpentine pavilions of natural materials, winding pathways, and natural recreation areas, along with a number of gardens. The thoughtful design combines community and family-friendly elements with beautifully integrated indoor-outdoor spaces, making it an ideal backdrop for capturing everyday life and community interactions. 

The image above was captured with a tilt shift lens, a common lens for architectural photographers. The contrast of blue sky and cherry wood slats made for an interesting perspective and it almost looks like an illusion. The Academy Pavilion is a favorite architectural piece designed by Machado Silvetti.

This image was captured at a long focal length, almost what’s considered a zoom lens, which isn’t a common usage for architectural photographers. A landscape aspect ratio could have captured 90% of the subjects but I love the portrait perspective the negative space at the top in contrast with the trees and bridge at the bottom.

Aerial Video

This aerial video provides a unique vantage point perfectly equipped to celebrate the urban oasis that is Downtown Cary Park. Drone footage offers a dynamic experience, allowing viewers to soar above and dive into the heart of Downtown Cary Park while highlighting its architectural elegance and welcoming community environment from a perspective that only a drone can provide. Shot with a Mavic 3 Pro Drone!

Aerial 3D Scan

Discover Downtown Cary Park from a fresh perspective through an interactive aerial 3D scan. Explore the modern structures and community spaces from an elevated viewpoint and gain valuable insights into the layout. This technology serves as a useful guide to understanding the park’s design while offering a straightforward way to appreciate its urban landscape. Shot with a Mavic 3 Pro drone!