Winning Listing Appointments

Are you struggling to win listings in seller interviews? A lot of details go into listing consultations but here are some photographer related tips that you can add to your arsenal.

Tell the seller how nice their home will look with the photographer’s touch

Odds are, the seller is interviewing agents that have no photographer, an okay photographer, or a great photographer. Explaining to them the difference between these three options can be a huge influence. Imagine showing the comparison below to your seller right after they finished another interview with an agent that shoots on their iPhone.

Feel free to share the photographer’s instagram page for up to date examples of their work.

Before After

Show the seller the staging list from this website

The shear amount of detail on the staging list is enough to show the seller that they haven’t thought of everything yet. When they see that each room has it’s own set of instructions, they’ll know that you’re an organized agent that has their bases covered.

Let the seller see evidence that photography brings more buyers

If you have personal examples, then all the better, but there are stats and articles out there such as this article by See Article Here

The article states that in a study: Listings with professional photos sold 50% faster and 39% closer to the original listing price than similar homes without professional photos. The listings with pro photos were also viewed 118% more than the listings without a professional photographer’s images.

I hope this information is enlightening and of great value to you. If you’re a Raleigh, Wake County, or Johnston County Realtor and need the best real estate photographer in the Triangle, take a look at my work and prices. I’d love to work with you!