Apex Real Estate Photography: Good Light vs Bad Light

One of the most important qualities that buyers look for in homes is light. A home that appears dark will turn away buyers online as quickly as the scent of cigarette smoke or cat pee.

See below the difference between a poorly lit and well lit home image:

Before After


Visible details through windows is a subjective matter. Without Multi-Flash or HDR photography, you’ll have two results: blown out windows or a dark home. Raising the exposure to brighten the home will make the windows extremely bright and lose detail. Homes with lots of large windows will be naturally lit, neutralizing the difference between interior and exterior lighting.

In my opinion, windows don’t hold nearly as much value as the interior. Only if there is a substantial amount of greenery would it be of value to prioritize windows. Blown out windows can be aesthetically pleasing, as well. The bright white represents exactly what it looks like – natural light – which is exactly what buyers look for.

Before After

Balancing Light

My general rule is to make it as bright as possible without it being too bright. Still, some areas may be brighter than others, so we have to balance each individual area. This is a tedious process but almost necessary.

See the difference between balanced and unbalanced lighting:

Before After

Does your photographer light the home?

Raleigh Real Estate Photography does. Not having portraying your listing as well lit can be devastating to it’s marketing. Don’t use a real estate photographer that turns buyers away in Raleigh’s competitive market.

See a few more images of poorly lit vs well lit homes:

Before After