Cary Real Estate Photography: Good Angles vs Bad Angles

Real estate photography is plagued with poor practice of correcting camera angles. This is usually due to photographers not taking enough time and care to steady the camera and observe the true neutral angle.

See an example of this below:

Before After

Correcting Mistakes

Even good real estate photographers make mistakes, and when they do they have the option of correcting in post editing. However, the corrections will come of looking weird if the angle is too tilted.

You may have seen this effect before:

Before After

Real Estate Photography Standards

There are two types improper angles, vertical and horizontal. If one of these is off it can make an image look wonky, but if both are off it can be very damaging to the home’s marketing. Raleigh’s real estate market has a high standard for it’s marketing, any less than that standard and a home may suffer greatly. Below is an example of both horizontal and vertical improper alignment.

Before After

Why is this so important?

Every little detail plays a role in influencing a buyer’s decision on taking an interest in a property. When an image looks weird or shoddy, their minds scream LOW QUALITY even if it has nothing to do with the house. You don’t want buyers associating the term “low quality” with your listings. Hire a real estate photographer that will do it right.


A low cost real estate photographer in Raleigh will likely come with some expected lacks in quality. This is not the case for Raleigh Real Estate Photography. We take great care to get everything right in your photos for a very competitive and price. We call it being efficient and we’ve been working at it for a long time.