Real Estate Photography: Good Color vs Bad Color

With real estate photography, you can’t always recognize the difference between great color balance and nasty colors unless you see it side by side. Many photographers don’t balance their images’ colors and it can potentially turn away buyers through their unconscious perception.

Take the below image comparison for example:

Before After

Real Estate Photography is a particular monster for distasteful colors for a few reasons:

  1. Different light bulb temperatures (warm or cool) and tints (pink or green) heavily influence their surroundings.
  2. A small amount of sun can interfere with the interior light sources
  3. Other subjects of photography can allow color variations for creative value, but real estate photography is best viewed as seen by the human eye

Other Photographers’ Styles

There is still room for preference and there isn’t just ONE way of presenting a home’s appearance. Some photographers tastefully allow a small amount of color but I prefer to present a home as a bright, clean, white, and well lit atmosphere. It’s well known that most buyers are looking for those 4 qualities in their next home. Your listings images will not only bring determine how many buyers take interest, but it will also influence their excitement for the showing. Raleigh Real Estate Photography emphasizes the most important qualities better than other Triangle photography firms.

Exterior Images

Not just interior, but exterior images of homes, can suffer from poor color calibration. 

Raleigh, NC has varying color temperatures due to it’s varying weather temperatures between winter and summer. In the summer, images are more likely to be very warm looking due to the yellow and green hues in the grass and trees. Winter will bring much cooler temps due to the low angle of sun and lack of color in nature. With some lots in Raleigh and Clayton containing lots of trees and nature space, you’ll want to make the images appealing.

See some examples below of bad color balance vs good color balance in external home photography:

Before After

I hope this information is enlightening and of great value to you. If you’re a Raleigh, Wake County, or Johnston County Realtor and need the best real estate photographer in the Triangle, take a look at my work and prices. I’d love to work with you!

See below for more examples of color comparisons!

Before After
Before After
Before After